Gaming support

There are games on Steam in unplayable states that have been abandoned by their developers. There are major companies whose customer support turns off at 5 PM. There are indie games with poor localization and a lack of related language support. There are even some companies who don’t do support of any kind. Successful brands would never dream of overlooking these critical aspects of the customer experience, yet many games companies leave so much player value on the table.

It’s not hard to see the revenue impact.

Many games make their money after launch from downloadable content and expansions. If you want to replicate the post-launch success of Magicka or Euro Truck Simulator, you need to maintain all your products so that your customers feel positively about your company. Abandoning even one game may generate negative feelings that could trickle over to future releases.

Outsourced support means you can rely on an existing structure, assuming you pick the right partner: it can be done by experts in the field; it provides timely player experience and there are substantial cost savings. We estimate that moving from an in-house to an outsourced support team can reduce costs by up to 70%.

What gamers expect from customer support

By the time a gamer reaches out to a contact center for assistance, they have likely exhausted all other forms of support. As huge proponents of self-service, players often turn to members of their vast online community (via FAQs, comment boards or Reddit) to troubleshoot problems. When they need help to log into their World of Warcraft account, resolve a payment issue with their Overwatch downloadable content, or troubleshoot a mid-game crash in the Telltale Games series, it’s important that player needs are met quickly and that they exit the customer support interaction happy.

It’s important for customer service staff to know that a game issue isn’t like a broken printer to players; a game is part of who they are as a person, and it often represents a connection to a whole online world of friends. This is why Siu says one of her chief philosophies is to connect with gamers as peers. “I want to build meaningful relationships with people,” she says. “You want to connect on that basic human level and relate to them.” And when it comes to customer support, nobody can connect better with a gamer, than a fellow gamer.

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