eBay is one of the important e-commerce platforms where thousands of customers from around the world purchase products online. So, during such business transaction, several issues come up and the clients or customers purchasing the products or availing the service may want to get into touch with the customer care service or support team. Here it becomes significant to have a dedicated team to take care of the issues raised by customers.

Some customers may ask question regarding the delivery of the products, prices, return and refund and even for selling their products at eBay itself. Hence, here LiveVgo has a vibrant, enthusiastic and young team to take care of all these services. The team believes in resolving the queries or issues with which customers may come up.

If you are a third party willing to sell your products or services at eBay but not sure how to go about it and who will take care of your services since you have no time to engage yourself, then LiveVgo is the answer for you.

E-commerce sales Solution

Why LiveVgo for E-commerce Support?

Young, experienced and dedicated team: We are a vibrant, enthusiastic and young team dreaming to take the world with higher level of confidence. Each of the professional team members has the professional exposure behind them, they know the industry and how it functions.
24 x 7 Presence: We at LiveVgo are accessible for customer service for 24 x 7 and anyone with any kind of doubts and queries will be able to get in touch with us.

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