LiveVgo is one of the top service provider of offsite CCTV monitoring services for commercial and non-commercial assets. Our remote CCTV monitoring enables your organization, assets and your employess to be monitored 24/7, ensuring onsite security and safety. Our team of professionals  through remote video monitoring, will be providing real-time video surveillance, monitor threats, follow intruders, inform authorities, and sound alarms when required.

Let’s prevent and reduce the chances of theft at your organization, offsite and home? Trying to find a solution which helps you in improving employee productivity, resolve internal business disputes, and cut down security-related costs? Then, having external CCTV monitoring for your business is the best proven solution.

CCTV Monitoring Services We Offer

1.   Video Monitoring and Surveillance

Experienced CCTV monitoring team can help you set-up and conduct video observations of public areas that are in plain view of others. Our team is well trained to use the CCTV appropriately within the terms of the technical, legal & ethical parameters. LiveVgo team will monitor the live proceedings based on suspicious behavior and respect the privacy of other people.

2.   Quality Assurance

A dedicated manager will oversee the activities and services of CCTV operators. From time to time they will perform regular and unplanned audits to ensure performance remains at the highest level. These processes help make the process smooth and efficient.

3.   CCTV Monitoring Documentation

Each and every actions, incidents and movements observed on the CCTV will be documented for future purposes and generating reports that will be submitted on a monthly basis. Agents ensures that the accurate logs are added to the report such as the specific camera that was used, the area, timestamp, and any other pertinent information that was gathered by the CCTV for future references.

CCTV Monitoring Key Applications

CCTV remote monitoring solutions come handy in following situations –


  • Under construction sites that stores high value equipments can be dangerous for unauthorized visitors, unattended heavy machinery.

  • Medium to heavy industries that needs special protection wearing like hard hats, gloves, designated area restrictions or operator-less functioning because of mechanical or chemical hazards

  • Retail stores and data centers where possible exposure to theft are high

  • Restaurants, hotels and food packing companies where hygiene, the etiquette of staffs are crucial for excellent service standards

  • Parking Areas where possible exposure to theft has gone high, vehicle safety is required.

Our advanced CCTV video surveillance systems/surveillance solutions are often used to monitor -

  • Banks & ATMs

  • Private residences

  • Mobile towers

  • Warehouses

  • Vacant properties

  • Factories

  • Commercial assets

  • Schools

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